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  • Courses will be activated in English language with a min. number of 20 Participants
  • Registration fee: € 500

  • By sending this application form and paying the enrollment fee due for the selected program, I acknowledge receipt of the following information and understanding of the following conditions: 1. Tuition fee is to be paid in one installment after confirmation of my admission in writing. Contributions, scholarships and financial aids are to be requested by supporting the application with a motivation letter + income tax statement. 2. Accommodation fees and travel expenses are not included and further services and support are available upon request. 3. Non EU applicants for the specialization programs offered by HUS need an entry visa. HUS specialization programs require max 90 days of stay in Italy, therefore should I apply for one of these programs I will receive an invitation letter for a tourist visa, which is valid to stay in Italy for max 90 days. This invitation letter will be sent in max 5 working days after I prove payment of the €500 enrollment fee. I am aware that touristic visas can not be extended, without leaving the country and applying for a new visa from my home country. 4. EU citizens and students who already possess a valid VISA for Italy, do not need an invitation letter and can apply up to 3 weeks before the program start. 5. Max deadline to apply for any HUS Specialization program as a non EU citizen is 5 weeks prior the start of the selected program. 6. Tuition fee is to be paid in any case no later than 2 weeks before the program start. 7. Tuition fee is to be transferred by bank transfer to the bank account specified on the admission letter. I am aware to be responsible for the payment of any bank transaction fee. 8. Fees don’t include my medical insurance. 9. Arrival day is recommended to be Sunday, departure day should be Saturday. 10. Should I cancel a pre-paid HUS specialization program as a result of my personal issues, I am aware that the enrollment fee of €500 will not be refunded and the tuition fee will be refunded, excluding any transaction fees requested by HUS bank, only if I have sent my withdrawal in written form (e-mail or letter) max 2 weeks prior the start of my program. Should I cancel a pre-paid specialization program less than 1 week before the starting date of the selected program, no fees will be refunded. In this case I may be offered by HUS the opportunity to start the program at next available session. 12. Should I fail to start a pre-paid specialization program according to the schedule as a result of delays caused by the VISA Application process , I will start the face to face program during next available session, or I will take courses online. 13. Should I cancel a pre-paid specialization program as a result of visa rejection, I am aware that fees will be refunded with the exception of any transaction fees required by the HUS bank for the refund transfer. 14. Should I decide to withdraw, I will make sure to notify my withdrawal in writing, indicating my data and IBAN in case of refund. I am aware that refunds - if approved, according to the above conditions - will be made by bank transfer within 30 days from the receipt of my withdrawal letter. 15. Courses can be cancelled by HUS if the minimum number of 20 participants needed to start any specialization program is not available or for any circumstances beyond human control. In such cases HUS can offer: a substitute program available in the subsequent session or in another campus, or 100% refund of paid fees, within 30 days from course cancellation, or equivalent online courses available on the Partner University Telematic platform. 16. I am aware that admission to the second year or second session of the selected undergraduate or postgraduate degree programs will be possible only upon positive evaluation of my professional and academic merits and successful completion of the HUS courses and respective examinations. 17. I am aware that in order to enroll into the second year/session of the selected undergraduate or postgraduate degree programs offered online by HUS Partner Universities, once I have successfully completed the HUS exams, I have to pay my fees by bank transfer to HUS, according to the deadlines and conditions specified in writing by HUS . Yearly Tuition+enrollment fee due for any online Bachelor degree program offered by HUS Partner Universities is € 3000. Tuition + enrollment Fee for the second session of the MBA program is € 5000. 18. I am aware that after having successfully completed HUS specialization programs and respective exams I will continue online my studies within the selected undergraduate or postgraduate degree program. I acknowledge receipt of the above info and to be fully aware of the above stated conditions.


    If you want to continue your studies for one of the online Bachelor degree or MBA Program available with the HUS Partner Universities and want to transfer your professional credits or academic credits awarded by other Universities where you have previously completed any undergraduate or postgraduate study, please fill the section below and make sure to attach 3 pictures ID format, your resume and any other document below requested.
  • State if you are still enrolled into this University or write date of withdrawal
  • N.B. si prega di allegare certificato storico anagrafico degli esami universitari sostenuti con data di sostenimento e votazione conseguita
  • Upload scan of your Transcript on official letterhea
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  • I hereby authorize HUS to use my personal data according to the Decree Law 196/2003, the articles 13 and 14 of the GDPR 2016/679 and the European Data Protection Law
  • I hereby declare that the above presented info and data and any other document in attachment are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and I undertake to inform HUS of any changes therein, immediately. In case any of the above information is found to be false or untrue or misleading or misrepresenting, I am aware that I may be held liable for this, according to the Italian DPR issued on 28.12.2000 nr. 445, integrated by Law 183/2011. I also authorize HUS to share my data, this form and any other attachment with its partner Universities and Institutions for aims and outcomes related to my studies and academic and professional career.
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